As we continued our nearly 15 year working relationship with the University of Denver, our sights turned to their admissions marketing materials. This year, we were excited at the opportunity to evaluate and revamp the overall design. As we began working with the Denver Law communications team, it was clear that they wanted to implement a clean and modern look and feel, which was a slight departure from their more traditional visuals. It was also important to not only highlight the city of Denver, but also feature DU’s rich history, illustrating their unique curriculum and how each student has the opportunity to shape the future of their community.

The Strategy

Our team began by diving into research, gathering information and inspiration in the academic field. By looking at examples from competing schools, and print projects outside of the industry, we were able to hone in on opportunities for growth. Our main takeaways were reworking how viewers were digesting information and evaluating what was visually appealing. This left us room to create concepts that were photography driven, incorporated vibrant colors (as opposed to earth tones DU has used in the past), and integrating larger, easily captured facts with infographics.

Along with a little spice to the overall look and feel, we wanted to highlight the benefits of DU’s strong legal program, and the appeal of Denver’s culture and community. We showcased Denver in all its glory through photography and highlighted activities—from city life to being a hop, skip and a jump away from the mountains. We called out DU stats throughout the admissions pieces, showcasing the schools accomplishments, as well as their drive to not only prepare students for law, but prepare them for life.

The Outcome

After comprehensive research and collaboration with DU, this viewbook culminated in a 56 page, photo-heavy, and text-light piece, with a foil stamped cover; complete with an at-a-glance statistics insert. We also created an online flipbook, containing embedded videos (courtesy of Fireside Production), allowing for easy viewing both on and offline. The finished product allowed DU staff more peace of mind, that if they weren’t able to give a potential student an in-depth walk through of their school, they were in good hands to explore all that DU and Denver has to offer.

According to their faculty “this is best admissions piece they’ve ever seen.”

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