At PS.Design, nothing is off the table. 

PS.Design is a boutique studio in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver that thrives on long-term relationships with passionate, visionary clients. PS injects fresh, creative thinking and excellent work into a streamlined discovery, design and execution process. We believe in serious business with a lighthearted attitude.


DIANA MERKEL  Creative Director

Diana is a branding and Graphic Design expert with over 18 years of experience as owner and creative director of PS.Design. Her passion lies in creating strong relationships with clients that goes beyond meeting deadlines and doing great work—she feels that building a deep understanding of goals, pain points and brand culture all with a sense of humor and “we’re in it together-ness” are key to any projects success.


Her more recent work includes murals as well as curation and installation art for projects like No Vacancy RiNo (, an artist residency program that breathes new life into vacant and about-to-be razed warehouses, and provides artists with opportunities for collaboration and complete freedom of expression in a city that has very little affordable square footage. Serving as chair of the RiNo BID Board, she has unique access to create opportunities to support the art community and small business including Denver Walls, the Art Park and Truss House ( and countless other small events in the area. 


For the past few years, she has worked with ETH Denver ( as part of the Creative Spaces team, curating, producing and installing branded art, stages, signage and activations as well as helping artists navigate the logistics of the event.  


She has also received grants for work through Burning Man events like Apogaea and Denver Decompression


Check out more of her work on branding, murals, and experimental art here.